Shipping fees within the US
*Small packages under 8oz ship for $4.50

*Medium packages between 8-15oz ship for $6.00

*Large packages over 16oz ship for $7.95

Free shipping is available for all purchase over just $25, no code required!


Shipping fees to Canada
We no longer ship to Canada due to the high costs.

Summer Shipping

Candles may be susceptible to heat damage during the summer months.
Most orders will be shipped via Priority Mail and they should come to you without evidence of melting, unless they are left out on a porch or doorway after being delivered to you during hot weather. Gem Delights Candles Gifts Goodies & More, LLC in not responsible for melted products, insurance through the post office does not cover melted items either.

Please just be aware that your candles can be affected by severe exposure to hot temperatures of 80 degrees or higher for long periods of time. If slight melting occurs during shipping place your candles in a cool place in their upright position for a few hours to harden the wax. Make sure to bring it back to room temperature before lighting.

All candles are shipped from Florida.


Our Return Policy:

Returns are not accepted on any custom orders. Please choose your scent wisely, we offer small wax packages so you can try out the scent before committing to a larger purchase.

Jewelry pieces may not be returned or exchanged. Our rings are ordered by size and triple checked before putting them into wax. Rings are guaranteed within 1/2 size as stated.

Natural gemstones may contain imperfections and/or inclusions, as Mother Nature intended. We try very hard to weed out any "bad" gemstones but gemstones with imperfections and/or inclusions may not be returned or replaced.

We take great care in packaging your items so they arrive to you safely. Every candle is tightly wrapped in bubble wrap. If a glass jar candle happens to break during transit you must take pictures and notify us right away. 

Candle tins are also wrapped tightly in bubble wrap but if they are dented during transit they cannot be returned or replaced. They will still burn properly.

Wax products that may become melted during transit may not be returned or refunded, USPS insurance does not cover this either. Please be mindful when placing your order as to the current weather conditions in your area.


Damaged Candle Policy:

If your shipment arrives damaged you must contact us promptly. You are required to send us pictures of the damaged item along with the all of the shipping/packaging material. These are needed to file an insurance claim with the USPS. You may either receive a refund or a replacement item at our discretion.


Broken Jewelry Policy:
We will not replace any jewelry piece that was bent or broken while removing or prying it from your wax before it was ready.

We will not replace any jewelry piece where the natural gemstone has an inclusion on the inside of the gemstone, these are made by Mother Nature.

If you choose a pendant as your treasure it may or may not come with a chain. Chains are very delicate and can tangle easily. The chain is an added bonus and broken chains will not be repaired or replaced.

It is your responsibility to take proper care of your new jewelry. You must check your prongs and settings regularly to make sure your gemstones are not loose. Proper cleaning and polishing your jewelry is your responsibility.

In any other situation after the jewelry piece is sent back to us with the original slip that came with it we will have it fixed, if we can't have it fixed we will try and replace it with the exact same piece. As a last resort if it cannot be fixed or replaced with an identical piece we will send you another piece of our choice. You must ship your piece back to us with tracking and secured in a small jewelry box for protection, inside a mailing envelope.  

Any jewelry issues MUST be brought to our attention within 30 days from the shipment of your items.


*Always use proper caution when using any product purchased from Gem Delights Candles Gifts Goodies & More, LLC. Always burn candles & melt wax with in sight! Never leave unattended. Never use our products around children or pets. Never consume our products.


**Gem Delights Candles Gifts Goodies & More, LLC will not be held liable for any and all damages that may be caused by the use of our products.