We offer many items that are ready to ship (RTS) and we also offer custom pours as well. Our turnaround time (tat) runs 7-14 business days for custom pours, not including shipping transit times, weekends & holidays. All of our items are hand crafted in small batches using the highest quality wax and premium fragrance oils to ensure the best quality product.

Our gemstone treasures are all natural genuine gemstones mined from Mother Nature. They are faceted and polished and ready to be set into jewelry or placed into your collection. Due to the fact these are all natural gemstone they may contain imperfections and/or inclusions, as Mother Nature intended. We try very hard to weed out any "bad" gemstones but gemstones with imperfections and/or inclusions may not be replaced.

Our Jewelry pieces that are hidden within Genuine Jewelry lines are guaranteed to be solid .925 sterling silver or better. We only buy from trusted US wholesalers. We are not certified jewelers and we rely on the information we receive from them in regard to gemstone types and retail values.

Our candles are made with 100% pure soy wax with lead free zinc free wicks

Soy wax helps support American Soy Bean Farmers
Soy wax which comes from soy beans doesn't contain pollutants
Soy is biodegradable
There is a considerable reduction of soot emission when burning Soy wax.
Clean-up of Soy can be done by using soap and water, so containers can be reused. Spills onto clothing, tablecloths, and carpet are easier to clean off.
Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature which makes the burn time for the candle longer
The wax we use is Kosher ~ Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing ~ Vegan Friendly ~ Hypo-Allergenic ~ Alcohol-free

Our wax melts and scent shots are made from a custom para/soy blend to achieve the best scent throw. 


Broken Jewelry Policy:

We will not replace any jewelry piece that was bent or broken while removing or prying it from your wax before it was ready.

We will not replace any jewelry piece where the natural gemstone has an inclusion on the inside of the gemstone, these are made by Mother Nature.

If you choose a pendant as your treasure it may or may not come with a chain. Chains are very delicate and can tangle easily. The chain is an added bonus and broken chains will not be repaired or replaced.

It is your responsibility to take proper care of your new jewelry. You must check your prongs and settings regularly to make sure your gemstones are not loose. Proper cleaning and polishing your jewelry is your responsibility.

In any other situation after the jewelry piece is sent back to us with the original slip that came with it we will have it fixed, if we can't have it fixed we will try and replace it with the exact same piece. As a last resort if it cannot be fixed or replaced with an identical piece we will send you another piece of our choice.

Any jewelry issues MUST be brought to our attention within 30 days from the shipment of your items.


*Always use proper caution when using any product purchased from Gem Delights Candles Gifts Goodies & More, LLC. Always burn candles & melt wax with in sight! Never leave unattended. Never use our products around children or pets. Never consume our products.


**Gem Delights Candles Gifts Goodies & More, LLC will not be held liable for any and all damages that may be caused by the use of our products.